Chris Phillips

Excellent practitioner. Received a course of about 6 treatments to fix a muscular problem that other professionals had failed to sort out. Very hands on and I have had no recurrences of the problem since. Very reasonably priced and would definitely recommend.

Eeva van looy

I have been receiving treatment from Nicky whenever issues with my back or neck have occurred. I have always been impressed how professional and good the service has been and would be happy to recommend her service to anyone looking for someone looking for a great chiropractor.


Disc disease by CharlesGiblin

Degenerative disc disease, plus two car accidents have given me problems with my neck for a number of years, with Nickys help I can lead a very normal life and play sports continually. She is very knowledgeable, excellent with her advice and very professional.


by SammyJ73

I had a series of treatments at Healing in Motion to help release chronic tension in my neck, and address some niggling issues that I had in my lower back, which were connected to previous pregnancies and childbirth. Nicola was very easy to talk to- which put me at ease straight away- she gave a very through consultation, and a really decent amount of time during the sessions. I felt a big difference within the first couple of treatments in both my neck (which no longer creaked!) and my lower back (which felt realigned) I would highly recommend a visit.


by CarleyBr

You are in good hands with this lady, she's helped me with chronic migraines and training injuries. It's not just treatment, you are cared for and given guidance from a knowledgeable professional. I can't thank her enough.


Pete Wakeham

I first visited Nicky in April 2013 with a trapped nerve in my neck. Which was causing my thumb and 3 fingers on my left hand to become numb, also my left arm was painful when driving. i had been to my GP also to a physiotherapist, without any improvement. i saw Nicky to start with twice a week, reducing to weekly as it improved. i found her to be an excellent practitioner and also gave me explanations in terms i could understand as to what to expect as my treatment progressed. my neck is now completely healed i still see Nicky when i get any aches and pains. and also recommend her to my friends and colleagues.


by StanleySt

Got me back playing football after two back operations. VERY CHUFFED


by StevenWarner

Nicky has helped to treat a variety of pains & strains over many years. One included pins and needles in my hand from suggested carpal tunnel. She managed to manipulate my wrist and show me some exercises to help the muscles of the lower arm. This brought the feeling back and meant I avoided a painful steroid injection.



I suffered with a number of injuries and niggles and always went to the chiropractor to help me out! I suffered especially with knee pain through tight IT bands and also tension headaches. She helped not only treat the symptoms but also the cause of the problem. She always made me feel comfortable and at ease and offered plenty of advice to help aid recovery and get me back up on my feet as soon as possible. I unfortunately moved up north and can no longer use her but I cannot recommend her enough!


by JodieDyer

I popped a rib and have always suffered with a stiff neck, Nicola is patient and thorough, ensuring you are always comfortable and understand exactly what she is doing. She is friendly and never minds answering questions. I also used her while I was pregnant and it was worth every penny to be more comfortable and relaxed. I wouldn't trust anyone else to help me.....


just the job 23/10/2014 by Fuller_J

I suffer from persistent lower back pain, after going through an arms length of pain pills and their fun side effects, I thought i'd try chiropractic: healing in motion did not play me around she told what i needed done and after my first session i could move more freely. I go back every few months, but i'm now off the pills and not putting up with pain any more.