Our Approach


Our philosophy is to combine joint manipulation and plenty of soft tissue work to give optimum result for increasing range of motion, for better posture and relief from pain. That's why we set aside half an hour of one to one time so we can listen to your needs and release all tight structures. We will discuss your ergonomic day to day life style and give exercises to stop re-occurrences. Chiropractors treat every joint in your body so if its toe pain or a headache we are trained and experienced to deal with it or refer you to another professional.

Meet the Team


Dr Nicola Dow D.C

Business Owner

 Practicing for over 12 yrs I studying at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic just outside of Cardiff, and qualified with a B.Sc.(Hons) in Chiropractic. I previously worked in Wales alongside a Malaysian Chiropractor who taught me some Malay techniques as well as continuously update my skill set with various courses based around the country.

I use a lot of soft tissue work and joint manipulation to gain optimal range of motion. I work in a fairly firm manor for maximum results. I am passionate about relieving pain; addressing underlying body imbalances and giving detailed advice for minimize the likelihood of re-occurrences.

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