Unrecognizable man holds neck, pain in the neck, side view

Neck Pain

Headaches, trapped nerves, pins and needles. All these can be caused by tight structures in your upper back and neck. Chiropractors are skilled at removing the constricting influences.

Acute pain in a male lower back, monochrome image

Lower Back Pain

Back Pain; one of the largest reasons for absence from work also the biggest reason people visit their chiropractor. Training from four to five years chiropractors learn your body inside and out. We are able to rule out pathologies and stabalise musculoskeletal structures for better posture and relief from back pain.

Pain in the knee joint, limb pain, running injuries,

Limb Pain

We treat the whole body, from running injuries to big toe pain. Using multiple displines to realign joint structures, gain better function and remove pain.

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